The Aim and History

about_hitThe aim of the World Federation for Laser Dentistry (WFLD) is to serve as a non-profit medium for the exchange, advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge, elated to the use of lasers for application and research in the oral and dental environment.

Membership is encouraged from all those interested in research, development and use of laser technology related to dentistry, biology, medicine and surgery, so as to develop lines of communication between all phases of laser technology with the objective of improving standards in laser dentistry, furthering education, research and development and providing meetings for the exchange of ideas and methodology in the field of laser dentistry.

WFLD (before 2006 the ISLD) congresses are held every two years, and attract international delegates from around the world. The first congress took place in 1988 in Tokyo, Japan, under the direction of Professor Emeritus Hajime Yamamoto, who had the foresight to recognize the need for an international event to bring together the world experts on laser dentistry. The WFLD/ISLD has gone from strength to strength thanks to expert guidance of the subsequent presidents, Professor Jacques Melcer of Paris, France, Professor Lynn Powell of Salt Lake City, USA, Professor John W. Frame of England, Professor Loh Hong Sai of Singapore and Professor Isao Ishikawa of Japan. Professor Samir Nammour of Belgium, Professor Norbert Gutknecht of Germany and Professor Aldo Brugnera Junior of Brazil.

The congresses have been held in Tokyo (1988), Paris (1990), Salt Lake City (1992), Singapore (1994), Jerusalem (1996), Hawaii (1998), Brussels (2000), Yokohama (2002), São Paulo (2004), Berlin (2006), Hong Kong (2008), Dubai (2010), Barcelona (2012), Paris (2014).

Loh Hong Sai

Loh Hong Sai

WFLD President 2002 - 2004
Isao Ishikawa

Isao Ishikawa

Congress Chairman
Yokohama, Japan 2002

Past Congress chairman and Presidents

WFLD Executive committee 1988-2016